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Capturing That Innocent Smile and Cheeky Grins

Your child’s early years are definitely a time to treasure and remember, so infant photography is just what you need to capture those first cheeky grins and memories that you will be able to look back over in later years with a great fondness. Your infant’s first few years will be filled with great moments and a lot of firsts first word, first crawl, first walk and the list goes on. Children grow up corporate video production Melbourne so fast though and it is easy to lose weeks, months and even years and before you know it that time has gone and this is why it is so important to permanently store those memories in the form of photographs that can be shared in hard copy and more commonly sent all over the country or even world to distant friends and relatives.

A way to do this is by either hiring a professional photographer or by taking the photos yourself. Either way there are a few must follow tips to ensure that you get great looking photographs whilst avoiding the hassle of working with a child. Infants are naturally adorable so they generally look photogenic no matter what situation, lighting or even if the photos are completely unplanned. This means that working with them is a privilege that should be enjoyed as much as possible as it is not often you will be taking pictures of someone who will complain about every picture. That isn’t to say infant photography isn’t fraught with distractions, disagreements, crying and even lots of unwanted toilet breaks.

Because the infants are still growing and depending on their age and independence, with most falling in the ages of 1 month to 3 years, there will be a certain amount of forced posing during the photographs. Unlike adults you can’t simply stand back and tell them to make a certain pose for you and you certainly can’t ask them to give you planned facial expressions, although that is somewhat of the beauty involved with working with children. To get the most out of the session you have to work with the child. This means you fit your photography around their meal, bath and nap times. They will be at their most relaxed state just after feeding or bath time, so these are ideal opportunities but the key really is to just ensure that the baby is comfortable and don’t worry – if they are uncomfortable, you will know!

When choosing the shots of the infant to take you should remember at all times that the true beauty is in the infant itself so there is no need to overcrowd the scene with expansive backdrops or props – simplicity gives the most success. Get down to their level and involved in their world and feelings and you will produce your best pictures from that.